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On January 12, 2008, you can help us make history by taking part in the largest dance event in history!

On this date, people around the world will be grabbing their camcorders and dancing wherever they are! This is how we hope to promote the message of peace, goodwill, freedom, and hope that Ron Paul brings.

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How did it start?

On Dec. 16, 2007 (the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party), Ron Paul made history when grassroots campaigners raised more than $6 million dollars in ONE DAY! Over 58,000 patriots gave in support of Ron Paul. This is an all time record for any candidate, and is testament to the will of the people to get this man into office. The money came from small donations from everyday people, not big business or corporate interests.

My name is Dan, and I have been following Dr. Paul's campaign from my home in Auckland, New Zealand for some time now. Because non-US citizens can't donate to any political campaign, my friends Dylan, Piet and I decided to donate our time instead! We travelled to the U.S. Embassy in Wellington, and danced outside!

We uploaded the clip to YouTube, thinking that it may give some RP supporters a laugh and also let them know that they are not alone. We were astounded when messages of support started pouring in, from all around the world! It was immediately obvious that Dr. Paul's message is taking root with free-thinking people the world over...what an amazing time we are living in!

Because of the huge international support, we decided to take this a step further and ask people around the world to boogie in front of famous landmarks and upload the clips to YouTube, in an effort to show the world how much we would like Dr. Paul to make it to office. Folks, this could be HUGE!

What to do:

On January 12, grab your camcorder and record yourself dancing...we'd like to see clips from EVERYWHERE! The more recognisable the location, the better. We'd love to see people dancing at the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall Of China, the Sydney Opera House, the jungles of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East, Mt. Everest, name it! The more places the better!

Make yourself a Ron Paul sign or T-shirt, and find a US flag if you can. Your video could be just yourself dancing, or a whole group - it's up to you! And you don't even need to be a good dancer (I mean really, check out our shocking moves if you don't believe me!) Just jump around and have a good time! It doesn't need to be long either, 30-60 seconds would be plenty! Then upload your video to YouTube with a title, clearly stating the country and location. You can dance to whatever music you like!

We then hope to collate the videos into one Ron Paul Global Boogie mega video, showing people in locations from across the globe, dancing for peace and prosperity! How awesome will that be!? Keep your master tapes, as we may be able to make a full resolution version in the near future.

Take Action

Click on the link let us know where you will be dancing, how many of you there will be, and tell us how and when you decided to support Dr. Ron Paul.

Research Dr. Ron Paul

Visit the sites below to find out for yourself why
58,000 Americans gave over $6,000,000
on December 16th to the man called:
"The Champion of the Constitution"
"The Most Honest Man in Congress"
"The Only Exception to the Gang of 535"

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Many thanks to Sam aka acmegeek from Ron Paul forums for donating his time and effort with this!

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